Board Workshop Meeting – Cancelled

Please be advised that the Masters Board Workshop scheduled for March 17, 2020 (Today) has been cancelled;

The purpose of the Board Workshop was discussion of the attorney’s opinion received regarding roof cleaning / Painting reserves & rules in the Masters.

Current Board Position:

-We have temporarily suspended roof cleaning given the current environment with Corona virus.

-We will notify Pelican Sound Arc of our decision and represent the homeowners with notices from Pelican Sound Notices on roof cleaning.

-All homeowners should have submitted their house colors by March 15, 2020; The Operating Groups will continue working on final plans due March 31,2020, if possible

We will be taking appropriate steps to continue with Roof Cleaning and House Painting schedules when appropriate and will keep all residents informed of our plans.

Everyone – Please stay safe and well

Donald J Jancin, Board Secretary

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