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Party in the Park Party Regrets

Number Responding Cannot Attend: 21
Bickerton, Clifford 8  
Bickerton, Joann 8  
Boulay, Ray 38  
Cheatham, George 37  
Dugan, Jean 36  
Ellis, Bill 20  
Ellis, Janice 48  
Ellis, Sharon 20  
Fenton, John 43  
Fenton, Marty 43  
Jancin, Pauline 9  
Leonard, Jim 35  
Plummer, Jerry 49  
Riley, John 47  
Sherman, Guest Dara Barness 18  
Sherman, Guest Maya Barness 18  
Sherman, Jackie 18  
Sherman, Phillip 18  
Swanger, Gwendolyn 3  
Swanger, Jim 3  
Vilamaa, Kari 5  

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