Cambridge Property Management

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Cambridge provides property management services. It supports the Board in carrying out its responsibilities.

Cambridge can sign invoice approvals up to $1500 for maintenance and can also approve any Board authorized projects invoices previously authorized.

Records retained:

  1. Copies of any plans, specifications, permits, and warranties related to improvements constructed on the common areas or other property that the association is obligated to maintain, repair, or replace.
  2. A copy of the bylaws of the association and of each amendment to the bylaws.
  3. A copy of the articles of incorporation of the association and of each amendment thereto.
  4. A copy of the declaration of covenants and a copy of each amendment thereto.
  5. A copy of the current rules of the homeowners’ association.
  6. Board Minutes – minutes of all meetings of the board of directors and of the members, which minutes must be retained for at least 7-years.
  7. All the association’s insurance policies or a copy thereof, which policies must be retained for at least 7-years.
  8. A current copy of all contracts to which the association is a party, including, without limitation, any management agreement, lease, or other contract under which the association has any obligation or responsibility.
  9. Bids received by the association for work to be performed must also be considered official records and be kept for a period of 1-year Florida Statute 720.303(4)(i) & (5).
  10. Board Member Certifications or signed (active Board Members) Florida Statute 720-303.
  11. All other written records of the association not specifically included in the foregoing which are related to the operation of the association Board Agenda’s. Florida Statute 720-303 (4L).