Lost and Found

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One thought on “Lost and Found”

  1. It seems to be a recurring problem.

    1) On Saturday 2 February, Norm Zeig received a Priority Mail envelope addressed to me.

    2) On Monday 4 February, the Post Office tracking system showed that my weekly Premium Forwarding Priority Mail was scheduled for delivery that day. Instead, I received Patrick Broesch’s Premium Forwarding Priority Mail.

    I immediately went to the Post Office and filed a formal written complaint. Demanded to see the Post Manager, but he/she “wasn’t available”.They had no idea what could have gone wrong, although I suggested it would be helpful if the carrier would compare the package address to the address on the mailbox!

    By chance, I saw the carrier on Pelican Sound Drive as I returned home. Spoke to him. He seemed sober and alert, but had no explanation. He had found my package and delivered it while I was at the PO.

    I suggest that William and Patrick also file formal written complaints to raise the level of attention.
    Ray Boulay

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