Roof Cleaning Start Date

We are pleased to announce that your Board of Directors, at its meeting of June 22, 2020, approved a contract to clean the roofs as part of the Association’s periodic roof cleaning responsibilities.

The company chosen is Trafford Pressure Cleaning. They are a full-service pressure cleaning and painting company established in Naples in 1989. They will use a pressure cleaning method with a chlorine mix and with low psi.

We expect the cleaning to start on Monday, July 6, 2020, and be completed within five weeks, weather permitting.

The roofs to be cleaned are:

21700, 21708, 21716, 21732, 21748, 21749, 21752, 21756, 21759, 21767, 21772, 21773, 21776, 21788, 21789, 21809, 21819, 21824, 21835, 21836, 21840, 21856, 21860, 21864, 21872, 21888, 21892, 21896, 21924, 21925, 21929, 21940, 21944, 21952

If you are on the list and you are approved for a new roof before July 3rd, please let me know and we will remove your roof from the list.

If you are not on the list and your insurance claim gets declined before July 3rd, let me know and your roof will be added to the list.

Dikran Ohannessian

If you have an questions or comments contact Dikran at