Masters Summer Party 2022

Betsy Wells and Don Jancin started a new tradition for The Masters – a summer party. Originally planned as a street party, due to threating weather the party was moved to the Pelican Sound Club House.

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More than 30 people attended the event on June 30, 2022.

Nelson Burr’s cupcakes were a big hit.

Pelican Sound: Proposed Flat Roof Tiles

In May, the Pelican Sound Board approved the recommendations of the Pelican Sound ARC Committee to amend the ARC Guidelines to allow the installation of flat roof tiles.

Although the Pelican Sound Board approved the revisions, an NVR (the Presidents of the 22 HOAs in Pelican Sound) vote is required to pass these changes. NVR discussions and vote will take place in October.

In preparation for such a vote, the Masters Board will seek your feedback in setting a direction for our community. There are two specific issues we seek your feedback on:

1. Should the Masters approve the proposed changes to the ARC Guidelines, and

2. If the proposed Pelican Sound ARC Guidelines are approved by the NVRs, should the Masters restrict the use of flat roofs in our community.

In September, a Zoom meeting will be scheduled for the Masters Board to hear your thoughts on the proposed ARC Guideline revisions. Celeste Eaton, as our ARC Committee Chair, will circulate an explanatory note on the proposed changes in advance of the meeting to provide you with background information.

Following the Zoom meeting, a poll will be conducted asking you to vote “yes” or “no” to the two issues identified above. The results of the poll will be disclosed at an October Masters Board meeting. The decision will provide us with the direction for NVR discussions scheduled for October 20, followed by the NVR vote on October 27.