Secretary’s Notes – Nov 16, 2023



President – Jerry Vasile reported that he has been very impressed with the level of expertise and dedication of the Pelican Sound Board of Directors, NVRs and the management team supporting them. He also complimented the Masters Board members on their capabilities and willingness to serve on the Board of Directors. Jerry spoke to overall spirit, sense of community and strong neighborhood involvement in of the Masters Community as a whole.

Jerry then spoke of the Holiday Decorations and his gratitude to Kay Howard who has been leading this effort for the past 6 years. Kay has elected to step down next year and the Masters Social Committee has volunteered to take this on going forward. Our sincere thanks to Kay for all her hard work to make the Masters “shine” during the Holiday season.

Vice President – George Monahan reported that Greenscapes pricing increased one percent and that they have modified the contract to include 9 inspections of the Masters per year. All other contracts remained the same. George recommended that the contracts be added to the Frankly Coastal website for our members’ convenience and Frank Parrish agreed that this would be done.

Treasurer – Scott Gallagher asked Frank Parrish to address the current financial status of the Masters and the balances in our accounts with Fifth Third and 1st Horizons banks.

ARC – Celeste Eaton issued a report to the community on November 15th 2023 and it has also been posted to the Masters web page.


2024 Budget – The proposed 2024 budget was sent to all residents on November 2nd. There are two notable changes to the budget for 2024. The first is an increase to the Contingency Account 40117 to improve our equity position so that we have two months of operating expenses in the account. The other change is a three percent increase across all Reserve Accounts to better position us for increased costs due to inflation. The overall impact to our Quarterly HOA fees is a $100 increase effective January 1st, 2024. As the Hurricane Ian quarterly assessment of $102 ends in December, the quarterly HOA basically remains the same for 2024. The Board adopted the proposed 2024 budget and it will go into effect January 1st, 2024.

Consolidation of Banking Institutions – The Board agreed to have Frankly Coastal consolidate and transition our bank accounts with Fifth Third and 1st Horizons to Truist and migrate to the Truist payment processing systems. This will help eliminate manual processing errors, minimize monthly processing fees and provide the Masters with flexible payment options. Frankly Coastal will be sending detailed information about the transition process to our members in advance.

Reserve Investment Options – The Board agreed to have Frankly Coastal research short and long term investment options for our Reserve Accounts and report back on them at the January Board meeting for review and potential approval. It is estimated that we may be able to earn approximately $4000 in interest payments on these accounts. There was also agreement to look at the structure of the Reserve Accounts and present any proposed changes to the members for vote at the Annual Meeting in March.

Electronic Voting – A form to agree to electronic voting was included with the Proposed 2024 Budget package that was distributed on November 2nd. Unfortunately, many of our members missed it and so it was agreed that this should be re-sent and encourage everyone to sign up for this option. Electronic voting reduces our costs and is more efficient. It also ensures that our residents are able to submit their vote regardless of where they are residing at the time.

Future Meeting Dates – The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on January 18th, 2024 at 3pm. The Annual Meeting is scheduled for March 11th 2024 at 3pm. Notice of both meetings will be provided in accordance with Florida Statute

Roof Cleaning/Dirty Roofs – Concern was expressed that the PSGRC ARC performs inspections in the morning when the roofs are wet and may appear dirty. There is an appeal process that can be used if you feel your roof has been incorrectly identified as being dirty or if cleaning the roof could violate your warranty. The Board was also made aware that there is an effort underway to determine what constitutes a “dirty roof”. Frank Parrish offered to reach out to Denise Williams to find out more about this effort and report back to the Board with his findings.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Reney (Moscaritolo)
Board Secretary

Fall ARC Update

Masters Residents,

Please know that you ARC representative for the Masters Community has been really busy lately and I’m pleased to provide you all with the following updates:

ROOF CLEANING UPDATE:   I have had a number of questions relative to our roof cleaning bundled offer, so please see the following FAQs:

1.  What will the roofs be cleaned with?
o Water and a small amount of chlorine

2. When was the last time our roofs were cleaned by the community? 
o 2020

3.  Do I have to have my roof cleaned?
o Roof cleaning is a homeowners prerogative, unless you have received a violation letter form Pelican Sound’s ARC committee stating that your roof is dirty.  

o If you have received a violation letter, you need to discuss your options to rectify the situation with Denise Williams, Executive Assistant for Pelican Sound.

REMINDER:  The Masters Community bundled roof offer requires that each homeowner who is interested in the offer must communicate with Trafford Pressure directly. Their number is 239-593-0640.  Trafford asks that you call them prior to November 17.

Fun fact:  As of November 10, we have had 91 of the original 100 roofs replaced or in the process.


Greenscapes will be conducting the annual trimming in December.  If you have any specific concerns in regards to trimming at your home in advance of the trimming,  please email ARC Chairperson Celeste Eaton at and she will compile the concerns and communicate them with Greenscapes.

MULCHING. Greenscapes is scheduled to mulch the Masters community in November!


Many of our side yards have had grass die out over the summer.In a conversation in regards to this issue with Jamie McGarvery, the Master’s Client Service Manager with Greenscapes, this can be due to one of three things:

  • The lack of sunlight.
  • The lack of water.  (When our homes were built, the irrigation nozzles were placed behind bushes.  As the bushes have matured, the nozzles are now not able to get enough water out to the grassy areas.  To rectify this problem, the irrigation nozzles need to be moved, at the home owners expense)
  • Turf damaging bugs.

If you are unhappy with the condition of the grass in your side yard, please call Greenscapes directly.  They will identify the problem and give you some options for a solution.


The water plant that produces Pelican Sounds reclaimed water is going through an expansion project.  The project began in June of 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in June of 2024. This may affect the quantity of water our community will have available for irrigation. Pelican Sound has added a well to have access to more water.  In my conversation with Jamie McGravey, Greenscapes, she mentioned that she will be taking this situation into consideration in regards to new landscaping plantings.


I have received two complaints of dog manure left in the street, and both complainants had actually stepped in the manure in the streets.  Please remember to pick up your dog’s dropping regardless of where they are left…street or someone’s yard.

Celeste Eaton, Masters ARC Chairperson

Roof Cleaning

It has been three years since our homes had their roofs cleaned in the winter of 2020. The work was completed by Trafford Pressure. At that point in time, the Masters HOA was responsible for contracting with a company and paying for the cleaning.

In 2021, we voted as a community to no longer have the HOA hold that responsibility.

Several homes have been cited by the Pelican Sound Architectural Review Committee as having dirty roofs. When a homeowner receives a citation, it is the homeowner`s responsibility to respond to Denise Williams, executive assistant with PSGRC, the plan to rectify the situation. An exemption can be made if the roof has been cleaned in the past three years or if the roof is less than three years old.

Therefore, Frankly Coastal and ARC chairman, Celeste Eaton, solicited bids from two companies, Trafford Pressure and Aquaman, with the purpose of obtaining a discount rate if a number of homeowners from the Masters would contract for roof cleaning at the same time. The board chose to accept the bid from Trafford Pressure. The cost for each home is based on Trafford Pressures prior experience in the Masters, relative to the square footage of the roofs.

For the Grand Cypress, Ridgewood and Sabel model roofs will cost $324 if 1 to 10 homes request cleaning. If over 10 homes request cleaning, the price will drop to $316.

For the Greenbriars and Tammarron model roofs will cost $384 if 1 to 10 homes request cleaning. If over 10 homes request cleaning, the price will drop to $373.

The above prices are contingent on the number of homes that contract for roof cleaning.

To sign up for this offer, each homeowner needs to communicate with Trafford Pressure directly. Their number is 239-593-0640.

Trafford asks that you call them prior to November 15.

Trafford Pressure will begin the cleaning process in December.

The Masters Board and Frankly Coastal have no responsibility or liability in the process with Trafford.

Each homeowner is responsible for communicating with Trafford and is solely responsible for the payment to Trafford involving the service rendered to their home.

Celeste Eaton
Masters ARC Chairman

Secretary’s Notes – Oct 18, 2023

Budget Workshop October 18, 2023

Proposed 2024 Budget: The Masters Board of Directors and Frankly Coastal met on October 18h,2023 to continue the review of the proposed budget for 2024.   Frank Parish of Frankly Coastal provided an update on the quotes he has received from several suppliers and has incorporated them into the proposed budget.  Frank provided and reviewed budget models that incorporated inflation rates of 2%, 3% and 4% for the reserve accounts.  Discussion was also held about adding a contingency fund to the budget.  The Board agreed that the budget should include a 3% inflation rate for the reserve accounts and a contingency fund.  The proposed budget incorporating these changes will be presented to the members in advance of the November 16th, 2023 Board and Budget Adoption Meeting.  Frankly Coastal will communicate the proposed budget to the members in advance of the meeting and in accordance with Florida statute.

Electronic Voting:  Along with the communication to the members of the proposed budget, Frankly Coastal will also be requesting each household to consent to electronic voting. This consent must be in writing and instructions on how to do so will be included.  Electronic voting is more efficient and cost effective for our community.

Banking Institution: The Masters currently uses two different banking institutions for our Operating & Reserve Accounts.  It was recommended that we consider consolidating these accounts with Truist Bank.  Truist offers more payment options, has more automated functions, requires less manual intervention and is more cost effective.  The Board agreed to add this to the agenda for the November 16th meeting.

Estero HS Golf Team Fund Drive:  Marcy Holtz attended the meeting and asked how the Masters could better support this worthy effort.  A recommendation was made to ask for donations at the Masters Welcome Back event being held on Sunday October 29th.  Marcy will have the Masters Sponsorship sign and a place where donations can be made at the event that day.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Moscaritolo
Board Secretary

Masters Board of Directors Budget Workshop October 18, 2023

The Masters Board of Directors will be holding a second Budget Workshop on October 18, 2023.  Specifics on this meeting are as follows:

DATE:           October 18, 2023
TIME:           10:00 AM
LOCATION:   Palm Room at the Golf Club (off the Pelican Pub)
for Remote Access/ZOOM Instructions


  1. Call to Order
  2. Determination of a Quorum
  3. Proof of Notice
  4. Old Business
    1. Continued review of proposed 2024 budget
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment


Secretary’s Notes – Oct 9, 2023

Budget Workshop October 9, 2023

The Masters Board of Directors and Frankly Coastal met on October 9th,2023 to review the proposed budget for 2024.  Frankly Coastal proposed several revisions to the format of the budget that would help simplify and clarify the line items.  Detailed discussion/review was conducted on the Reserves, Earned Income and the Operating Expenses.  Frank Parish of Frankly Coastal noted that he was still waiting on several quotes from our suppliers and would be following up to obtain them.  Frank suggested that the Board consider including the impact of inflation on our projected long term reserve estimates and offered to develop several models reflecting a range of inflation from 2 to 4%.  Frank also suggested that the Board give some consideration to investing current reserve balances in CD’s that could offer greater interest rates.  The Board agreed to think about both concepts.  A follow-up Budget Review Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 18th at 10am.  Details on the logistics for the upcoming meeting will be provided prior to the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Moscaritolo
Board Secretary

Injured Hawk

Christine Mantilia spotted a hawk with a damaged left wing in our neighborhood. The emergency service said they need to know the location of the injured bird to make a rescue. Unfortunately, its location is now unknown.

If you see the bird, please call Christine Mantilia with information about its current location: 239-896-4505

Budget Workshop – October 9, 2023

The Masters Board of Directors will hold a Budget Workshop Meeting on October 9, 2023, at 3:00 in person at the Sound Room at the River Club, and virtually. Zoom instructions will be mailed to each resident on or before October 1, 2023.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Determination of a Quorum
  3. Proof of Notice
  4. New Business
    • Review of proposed 2024 budget
  5. Adjournment