Roof Cleaning

It has been three years since our homes had their roofs cleaned in the winter of 2020. The work was completed by Trafford Pressure. At that point in time, the Masters HOA was responsible for contracting with a company and paying for the cleaning.

In 2021, we voted as a community to no longer have the HOA hold that responsibility.

Several homes have been cited by the Pelican Sound Architectural Review Committee as having dirty roofs. When a homeowner receives a citation, it is the homeowner`s responsibility to respond to Denise Williams, executive assistant with PSGRC, the plan to rectify the situation. An exemption can be made if the roof has been cleaned in the past three years or if the roof is less than three years old.

Therefore, Frankly Coastal and ARC chairman, Celeste Eaton, solicited bids from two companies, Trafford Pressure and Aquaman, with the purpose of obtaining a discount rate if a number of homeowners from the Masters would contract for roof cleaning at the same time. The board chose to accept the bid from Trafford Pressure. The cost for each home is based on Trafford Pressures prior experience in the Masters, relative to the square footage of the roofs.

For the Grand Cypress, Ridgewood and Sabel model roofs will cost $324 if 1 to 10 homes request cleaning. If over 10 homes request cleaning, the price will drop to $316.

For the Greenbriars and Tammarron model roofs will cost $384 if 1 to 10 homes request cleaning. If over 10 homes request cleaning, the price will drop to $373.

The above prices are contingent on the number of homes that contract for roof cleaning.

To sign up for this offer, each homeowner needs to communicate with Trafford Pressure directly. Their number is 239-593-0640.

Trafford asks that you call them prior to November 15.

Trafford Pressure will begin the cleaning process in December.

The Masters Board and Frankly Coastal have no responsibility or liability in the process with Trafford.

Each homeowner is responsible for communicating with Trafford and is solely responsible for the payment to Trafford involving the service rendered to their home.

Celeste Eaton
Masters ARC Chairman

Injured Hawk

Christine Mantilia spotted a hawk with a damaged left wing in our neighborhood. The emergency service said they need to know the location of the injured bird to make a rescue. Unfortunately, its location is now unknown.

If you see the bird, please call Christine Mantilia with information about its current location: 239-896-4505

July Club House Party

Photos by Anina Bachrach

Here is the information that was sent all residents.

Time for a Master’s Cocktail And Dinner Event
Wednesday July 19th
Cocktails at 4:30 – Dinner at 6:00

Summer is FLYING by. Soon our seasonal friends will return, and the lazy, hazy days of summer will have passed. So before it gets too far along, we’re grabbing a date and spot to gather with our Master’s friends and neighbors. We hope you will join us!

Arrive Wednesday July 19th at the Pelican Pub for cocktails anytime from 4:30 on. Dinner tables will be reserved for Masters residents in the Vista for 6:00. Ordering from the menu with your member number, all that is needed is your response of yes or no, so we can give staff a head count for planning. Please use the link in the email invitation you received to advise if attending. If you did not receive an invitation please send a note to

We are looking forward to another great time together. Questions, call or text Pat Becker or Betsy Wells at. We look forward to seeing you there!

(And seasonal Masters residents, sorry to bombard you with an unnecessary email.  But if, by chance, you are in the area, please join us!)

Click here to see who has replied to the invitation email.

Secretary’s Notes – May 31, 2023


Presentation by Frankly Coastal Property Management/Collier Financial

Frank Parrish of Frankly Coastal Property Management and Collier Financial provided detailed information on his background and prior systems experience.  Frankly Coastal was established in the Tampa Bay area in 2015 working with 20 communities on their property management requirements.  Frankly Coastal has developed robust systems that simplify and standardize language specific to each of their clients and provide real time access to bank balances by using daily uploads from the applicable financial institutions.  Frankly Coastal acquired Collier Financial to expand their footprint into the Southwest Florida area and has begun providing property management services to many of that client base.  During the presentation, Frank shared a demonstration of the website, provided detailed explanation of how their employees use the website to provide service to their customers, explained how tickets are developed to track issues from inception to completion and showed the level of access to the website that is provided to the client base. 

Frankly Coastal Service Agreement

At the conclusion of the presentation, the Board voted to authorize the Masters Association President to sign a Service Agreement with Frankly Coastal on behalf of the Masters at Pelican Sound Neighborhood Association, Inc.  Frankly Coastal will provide both Property Management and Financial Services to the Masters Community.  Frankly Coastal has been and will continue to work with Cambridge Management to ensure a smooth transition. 

Communications to all homeowners with contact information for Frankly Coastal will be distributed shortly.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Moscaritolo
Board Secretary

Masters Board Meeting Notice




DATE:         May 31st, 2023

TIME:         2:00 PM

PLACE:       Sound Room at the River Club

                  Click Here for Remote Access / Zoom Instructions


  1.  Call to Order
  2.  Determination of a Quorum
  3.  Proof of Notice
  4.  Approval of Special Members Meeting Minutes – 4/20/23
  5.  Approval of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – 4/20/23
  6. New Business
    1. Frankly Coastal Presentation
    1. Frankly Costal Service Agreement
  7.  Adjournment