Annual Meeting – Secretary Notes

The Masters at Pelican Sound Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Secretary’s Notes March 11th, 2024

The Masters held their annual meeting, followed by an Organizational meeting on Monday March 11th, 2024. The Board of Directors, Frankly Coastal and 11 members of the Masters were present.

Annual Meeting

Jerry Vasile (President) discussed the accomplishments achieved over the past year including:

  • Passing of two amendments to our bylaws that clarified language and revised the method used to determine how our NVR votes on issues impacting the Pelican Sound community. The new language assures that the NVR votes in accordance with how the majority of the Masters votes on an issue.
  • Hiring of Frankly Coastal as our new property management company
  • Acquiring the consent of 80% of our membership to utilize electronic voting
  • Establishment of Communications and Social Committees

Scott Gallagher (Treasurer) gave a readout on the budget and noted that we have two large delinquencies in the payment of HOA fees. Certified letters will be sent to those members advising that they are in arrears and must make payments.

Kathy Sherlock provided an update on the Social Committee noting that they have $316 in the kitty and that a Block Party is being held on March 24th, 2024. She said that she, Pat Becker and Mary Grace Gallagher have some exciting new ideas for events next year.

The Board of Directors had 3 positions that were open and 3 people submitted their application for candidacy; Celeste Eaton, Scott Gallagher and Don Jancin. All three will serve for the next two years.

These notes are for information only and are not the official minutes

The Masters at Pelican Sound Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Two items were submitted to the members for voting and both were passed:

  • Vote to Rollover Excess funds from 2024 to 2025: 44 voted in favor, 0 opposed.
  • Vote to waive annual audit: 43 in favor, 1 opposed.

Organizational Meeting

At the organizational meeting it was determined that board positions would be filled as follows:

Scott Gallagher – President

George Monahan – Vice President

Don Jancin – Treasurer

Lynelle Reney (Moscaritolo) – Secretary

Celeste Eaton – ARC Chair

An issue was raised regarding a noisy pump in one of the lakes in the Masters.

The issue has been referred to Terry Mountford to address with River Ridge. Scott Gallagher will also let Eric know.

There was a discussion regarding the process to address ARC violations as well as delinquencies on payment of HOA dues. The board agreed to hold another meeting to develop processes for both situations.

Lastly, it was also acknowledged that the vote to move the irrigation reserves to deferred maintenance reserves had been omitted from the annual meeting package. As a result, this will be put to the membership for vote at another time.

Lynelle Reney (Moscaritolo)
Masters Secretary

These notes are for information only and are not the official minutes