Secretary’s Notes – April 23, 2024


ARC Violation Process

Celeste provided an overview of the proposed ARC Violation Process including updated and standardized letters to communicate violations to homeowners. Celeste will continue to provide a list of PSGRC ARC violations identified during the Masters inspections to Denise Williams for her to address with the homeowners.  The Masters ARC, in conjunction with Frankly Coastal, will only manage issues that violate Masters ARC requirements that are different or more stringent than PSGRC ARC requirements.  Celeste acknowledged that there are only a few items that fall under this category.  The Board approved the ARC Violation Process with minor changes discussed at the meeting.


Celeste provided an update on the Mailbox Committee’s findings and recommendations to continue to maintain our existing mailboxes as opposed to replacing them.  Only 6 mailboxes are in need of painting at a cost of $85 each.  Next, Celeste addressed the issue of poor visibility of the numbers on our mailboxes, especially at night.  The Committee evaluated two different options to remedy this situation:

  • Option 1 – Replace the address number plate with an address number plate that can accommodate 2.75 inch gold vinyl reflective numbers – currently installed at 21849 Masters Circle. 
  • Option2 – Replace the address number plate with the same style that is currently on the mailboxes which will accommodate 2 inch numbers with gold vinyl reflective numbers – currently installed at 21933 Masters Circle.

The Committee recommended Option 1, which will cost approximately $92 per home.  The Board concurred with the recommendation and approved up to $10,000 to cover both the painting of the 6 mailboxes as well as the purchase and installation of the larger number plates.

Residents are encouraged to keep their mailboxes clean and to polish them with car wax once a year.

Additionally, Greenscapes will be asked to inventory and report on any mailboxes that are still being sprayed by sprinklers.  The caustic nature of our irrigation water has a detrimental effect on the mailboxes.

Artificial Vegetation, Decorative Objects and Sculptures

Celeste advised that two modifications were being made to the proposed changes to the ARC guidelines on Artificial Vegetation, Decorative Objects and Sculptures:

  • Clarification that the installation of standard flowerpots/planters do not require an ARC application or approval.
  • Moving the language in the ARC guidelines section on Front Entry Enclosures to the section on Artificial Vegetation, Decorative Objects and Sculptures as it also contains language on the use of flowerpots.

The Board approved the proposed changes to this section of the ARC Guidelines.

Process to Manage Assessment Delinquencies

Don reported a total of 18 delinquencies as of 4/22/24:

Over six months                       1 account
Jan 1 & April payment Due    1 account
April Payment Due                 14 accounts
Misc. (very small)                     2 – need special note sent to the owners

Frankly Coastal will be sending statements to all homeowners who are currenty delinquent in the payment of their HOA Assessments. Don provided an overview of his proposed process to standardize the management of delinquencies and provided information on Florida guidelines about this issue.  Don and Frank Parrish will work together to finalize a process to include timeframes and possible methods of recourse including suspension of PSGRC privileges, liens, collections, etc.  The Board remains optimistic that these delinquencies can be resolved without having to take such drastic measures.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Reney (Moscaritolo)
Board Secretary