Advisory Notice 1:49 pm 8/28/2019

Tropical Storm Dorian Advisory in Florida

Dear Masters Homeowners,

Please be advised that we may be facing a moderate to severe storm (“Dorian”) here in Southwest Florida. It is still unclear as to the expected severity of the storm, however, we are closely monitoring its progress. I will provide a more definitive update, as soon as, we receive an advisory.

What Can Owners Do To Prepare Vacant Units?

We highly recommend that you take precautionary measures to secure your unit if you have not already done so before leaving for the summer, such as…

  • Have lanai furniture, and anything that could potentially be a trajectory, fastened or brought inside.
  • Secure hurricane shutters.
  • Have a Homewatch, neighbor, or friend clean out the refrigerator in the event we lose power.
  • Have a Homewatch, neighbor, or friend check your unit once the storm passes, and notify Management right away if you notice signs of water intrusion.

What Measures Will Management Take?

  • We will have the landscapers turn off the irrigation system (if it is not already, some communities do this during rainy season).
  • Once the storm passes, we will tour the property to take note of any damage or potential issues. The landscapers will be out to clear any debris if necessary.
  • An email will be sent out to owners if there are any significant damages to common areas that you should be aware of.
  • If Dorian turns into a significant hurricane, Management will arrange an inspection of all upper-level units.

Please keep in mind that during the storm, depending on the severity, EMS and vendors will not venture out. There is always the possibility of power outages that also can delay response times and therefore we ask that you evaluate the emergency and take the following actions:

  • If the emergency involves a life threatening situation, contact 911 for direction by EMS
  • If the emergency involves property damage, do your best to temporarily correct the issue and contact management by both email and the emergency service

Please keep in mind that the volume of calls and environmental situation may result in a delayed response but all calls and emails will be returned as quickly as possible.

If you wish to monitor the storm, you may refer to a local weather channel or visit the National Hurricane Center’s website at

Thank you,

Heather Keel

Community Association Manager (CAM)

Cambridge Management of SWFL

9001 Highland Woods Blvd. Suite 7

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

telephone (239) 249 – 7000

fax (239) 405-8291

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