Pelican Sound Safety Committee

As reported in the Pelican Sound Wave 2/27/2019

Please forward your concerns and proposals to
Chris Ralston at

A group of concerned Members, the Traffic Calming Group, has been formed to address safety on our streets, sidewalks and parking areas.

It includes:

  • Bob Schultz of River Ridge CDD
  • Bob Twombly a neighborhood Board member
  • Larry Hannah of the Strategic Planning Committee
  • George Jakucki a bicyclist
  • Chris Ralston, a Board Member

The purpose of the committee is to gather input from our Members as to their concerns and suggested solutions to safety traffic issues. We will be covering motor vehicles of all types, bicycles, golf carts, runners, joggers and walkers. While we are gathering this information, we are going forward with publicizing information concerning proper operation of all modes of transportation and other safety related issues.

Please pay special attention to the Wave and reports from our General Manager, Eric Long. 

Let us work together to make Pelican Sound a safe place for all of us to enjoy.

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