Welcome Back Party – Final note – Golf tee assignments

Editor’s note: The Welcome Back Dinner is $15 per attendee. Please bring a check payable to Don Jancin, or if paying by cash have it in an envelope with your name on the outside.

Masters Residents, Renters & Guests

We are looking forward to seeing you at the “Welcome Back Party” outdoors at the PSG&RC Racquet Club lanai this Thursday, November 7, 2019, 3:30 pm until 7:30 pm.

There will be a ‘golfing scramble event’ earlier, followed by a challenging golf putting contest at the putting green.

After, there will be social time, Happy Hour, and dinner at the Racquet Club lanai. This is intended to be a casual gathering, houseguests and renters are welcome and encouraged to join in.

We will have two new neighbors also attending.  Everyone as always,   Please wear your name badges


1:00 pm  Golf Scramble event

2:45 pm  Golf Putting Event – Putting green

3:30 pm  Move to Racquet Club Lanai – social time

4:50 pm  Eric Long and Travis Childers

5:15 pm  Dinner will start

6:15 pm  Event Prizes 


The golf outing (scramble format) will start at 1 pm on the Lakes Course. Golfers are asked to be ready at 12:45 pm at the range.

Event instructions will be on each cart. Holes two and six will have a closest to the pin, reminder to record all shots on the green!

Make sure you have plenty of water with you when leaving to play.


The golf putting event will start at 2:45 pm for non-golfers and golfers as they finish their scramble event. Players should bring their putter and a golf ball.

If you don’t have them, we will supply them. This year’s event will be more challenging – any two players can be a team – You must alternate shots through all 6 holes.

We will have different size holes at different holes to test skills, and have a number of prizes for winners

The club will not have a portable  drink cart at the Golf putting range; We will have bottle water available .


We expect to proceed to the Racquet club at 3:30. The bar will be open.

The initial hour is social time. Prior to dinner, Eric Long and Travis Childers will give latest updates on Club Project and services.  Dinner will follow and then we have many prizes for events or just attending.


The cost for our Welcome Back will be $15 per attendee. There will be a table for paying and make sure your name is crossed off.

Payment can be by check to Don Jancin or if cash, please put in an envelope with your names on it.


We will have Famous Dave’s catering our event. It will include roasted chicken, pulled pork ( naked ), rolls if you prefer sandwich, cornbread, coleslaw, and baked beans, along with dessert chosen by the committee. Sauces for pulled pork will be on side for you to chose and add.


MASTERS GOLF – Shot Gun Start 1:00 P.M.  11 07   2019
Mert & Pat Becker1A
Brian & Cynthia Cecca1A
Arnold & Christine Mantilia1B
Norm & Ann Zeig1B
Ben & Carmelita Albano2A
Ed & Emma Mayuga2A
Dennis & Joann Olson3A
Michael & Pris Thibodo3A
Scott & Mary Grace Gallagher3B
Ric & Jan Ellis3B
Erich Knehans & Cheryl Nabolz4A
Tim & Mary Anne Bartholomew     ( guests)4A
Roger & Linda Farmer4B
Jim & Lynn Van Auken4B
Tim & Celeste Eaton5A
Henry & Jill Geise5A
John & Marty Fenton5B
Jerry & Mary Ellen Vasile5B
Kevin Carey6A
Al Warf6A
Tony Albertini6A
Ken & Nancy Freeman6B
Jim & Kathy Leonard6B
Bill & Sharon Ellis7A
Allan & Pam Scott7A
George Cheatham & Jean Dugan7B
Roger & Carol Roberts7B
Charles Bendetta8A
Rosemarie Addy8A
Russ Frith8A
Patrick Broesch8A
Larry Hannah & Michele Towey8B
James & Alma McClure8B
Richard & Diane Calcasola9A
Phil & Suzanne Campbell9A
Kurt & JoAnne Blumenthal9B
Bruce & Monika Clark9B

Committee Members:
Don Jancin ( Co-Chair)
Cynthia Cecca ( Co-Chair)
Dikran Ohannessian
June Roberts
Bruce Clark
Arnold Mantilia
Phillip Sherman
Roger Roberts
Carol Roberts

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