3/17/2022 – Matches previously scheduled for April 8, 2022 have been cancelled. Our season ends April 1, 2022.

1/23/2022 – Rule change. Each game in a match will be played to 10 points or until 4:50 pm – which ever come first.

Matches are on Friday, starting promptly at 3:00 PM. Come early and practice or socialize. The courts are available starting at 2:30 PM. All players are expected to be at the courts by 2:45 PM. Court area must be clear by 5:00 PM.

2022 Team Rosters

2022 League Participants

2022 captains (requires login: contains emails and phone numbers

2022 Court Schedule

Basic Play and Rules

  1. The Masters Bocce season continues to play on Fridays until April 1st.
  2. Play will start promptly at 3:00pm. The courts will be available for practice at 2:30.
  3. Each team has a captain. If the captain cannot be present, he/she will designate an acting captain for the match. Captains coordinate who is playing, help with questions, provide playing tips, remind all team members of the forthcoming match, and cheer on the participants. Each player has been assigned to a team. The teams will remain together for the length of the 2022 season.
  4. Everyone that signed up to play agreed to play at least 50% of the games. It is hoped that most will play more than 50%. A team must have 4 players to participate in a match. Should there be less than 4 team members present, someone from another team with sufficient players will be asked to join the understaffed team for the day.
  5. Three games are played in a match. All 3 games will be played. There will be no standings kept for the 2022 play. It’s nice to win your match 2 out of 3 games, if not you still had fun with fellow Masters residents and have a chance to get to know them better. There is no need to communicate the results of the match.
  6. Each captain assigns 4 team members to play each game. Two players of each team are positioned at each end of the court.
  7. A match begins with the toss of a coin. The winner of the toss has choice of ball color and rolls the pallino and bocce ball first.
  8. A player may toss the pallino any distance as long as it passes the center line and does not hit the backboard. If a player fails to toss the pallino successfully, a player from the opposing team throws the pallino. If the second player also fails a successful toss, the pallino is placed in the center of the foul line. The first player still rolls the first bocce ball. If a tossed bocce ball hits the backboard without hitting the pallino or another bocce ball, that ball is removed from play for the duration of that frame. If this is the first throw of the frame, that team continues to throw until the initial point is established.
  9. After the first bocce ball is played, the second team rolls. Each succeeding ball is thrown by the team NOT closest to the pallino (the “Out” team). The “In” team throws only after the opponent has thrown all 4 of their balls.
  10. The team that wins the frame or game will throw the pallino first in the next frame or game.
  11. Team members may throw their bocce balls in any order they choose but no player will throw more than 2 balls.
  12. If a player rolls out of turn, the other team may choose to leave all balls as they are or remove the illegal ball from play and return all balls to their approximate original positions.
  13. If a player, accidentally rolls the wrong-colored ball, simply replace it in the same spot with the correct colored ball.
  14. If a player accidentally moves a ball prior to the end of a frame (thinking play is over) and the balls cannot be accurately relocated, all remaining non-thrown balls of the non-offending team are counted as points and the frame is over.
  15. Each team must have a captain or acting game captain present and only the captains can call for a measurement. All issues and procedural questions will be decided between the two captains.
  16. Advice to the shooter may be given by any team member or coach as long it does not disrupt play.
  17. Arching or lobbing the balls is not allowed. All balls must be released at or below the waist.
  18. Players are not allowed to step over the foul line before releasing the bocce ball or pallino.
  19. A captain may make substitutions but only after the completion of a frame unless it is an injury substitution. Captains are required to play every player attending the match.


  1. One (1) point is awarded for each ball of the team closer to the pallino than any ball of the opposing team.
  2. If at the end of a frame the closest ball of each team is equidistant from the pallino, that frame is declared a tie and no points are awarded.
  3. Games are played to 8 points. (before 1/15/2022 – games were 10 points)
  4. Each game in a match cannot last more than 30 minutes. If 8 points is not reached after 30minutes the team with the highest point is the winner of that game.

Here is a tip if you are a referee

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