Fall ARC Update

Masters Residents,

Please know that you ARC representative for the Masters Community has been really busy lately and I’m pleased to provide you all with the following updates:

ROOF CLEANING UPDATE:   I have had a number of questions relative to our roof cleaning bundled offer, so please see the following FAQs:

1.  What will the roofs be cleaned with?
o Water and a small amount of chlorine

2. When was the last time our roofs were cleaned by the community? 
o 2020

3.  Do I have to have my roof cleaned?
o Roof cleaning is a homeowners prerogative, unless you have received a violation letter form Pelican Sound’s ARC committee stating that your roof is dirty.  

o If you have received a violation letter, you need to discuss your options to rectify the situation with Denise Williams, Executive Assistant for Pelican Sound.

REMINDER:  The Masters Community bundled roof offer requires that each homeowner who is interested in the offer must communicate with Trafford Pressure directly. Their number is 239-593-0640.  Trafford asks that you call them prior to November 17.

Fun fact:  As of November 10, we have had 91 of the original 100 roofs replaced or in the process.


Greenscapes will be conducting the annual trimming in December.  If you have any specific concerns in regards to trimming at your home in advance of the trimming,  please email ARC Chairperson Celeste Eaton at arcchair@masters33928.us and she will compile the concerns and communicate them with Greenscapes.

MULCHING. Greenscapes is scheduled to mulch the Masters community in November!


Many of our side yards have had grass die out over the summer.In a conversation in regards to this issue with Jamie McGarvery, the Master’s Client Service Manager with Greenscapes, this can be due to one of three things:

  • The lack of sunlight.
  • The lack of water.  (When our homes were built, the irrigation nozzles were placed behind bushes.  As the bushes have matured, the nozzles are now not able to get enough water out to the grassy areas.  To rectify this problem, the irrigation nozzles need to be moved, at the home owners expense)
  • Turf damaging bugs.

If you are unhappy with the condition of the grass in your side yard, please call Greenscapes directly.  They will identify the problem and give you some options for a solution.


The water plant that produces Pelican Sounds reclaimed water is going through an expansion project.  The project began in June of 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in June of 2024. This may affect the quantity of water our community will have available for irrigation. Pelican Sound has added a well to have access to more water.  In my conversation with Jamie McGravey, Greenscapes, she mentioned that she will be taking this situation into consideration in regards to new landscaping plantings.


I have received two complaints of dog manure left in the street, and both complainants had actually stepped in the manure in the streets.  Please remember to pick up your dog’s dropping regardless of where they are left…street or someone’s yard.

Celeste Eaton, Masters ARC Chairperson