Guidelines – Garage & Entryway Light Fixtures

A Pelican Sound ARC form must be submitted, please see details further below.

For those considering new fixtures, these should be installed prior to the painting of the homes, scheduled to begin in October of 2020. This will ensure proper paint coverage if the face plate of your new fixtures are a different shape than your current fixtures.

Garage Light Guidelines

You can purchase your light fixtures from any retailer as long as they meet the guidelines listed below.

Helpful hint:  Make sure that the bottom of the new garage lights are at least 56″ off the ground. 

Size: The entire fixture must be a minimum of 18 inches and a maximum of 25 inches. (Arrow indicates where to measure. From the tallest part of the fixture, to the bottom of the fixture.

Color:  Black, bronze or brushed nickel.

Glass:  Clear, seeded, wavy or frosted glass is acceptable. No colored glass.

Pelican Sound has an additional requirement: Replacement exterior garage light fixtures shall be in keeping with the Architectural integrity of Pelican Sound; it shall incorporate a maximum total of 9wLED, 850 lumen lamp(s).  

Entryway Door Guidelines

The coordinating entryway light in the same color and group as the garage light fixtures.

Pelican Sound ARC Application

On the application, indicate the installer and light specifications. A picture, size and color of the fixtures is sufficient. Professional installation requires a licensed and insured electrician acceptable to Pelican Sound ARC.

For any questions contact Susan Cohen directly at:

For those installing fixtures themselves, the following ‘Acknowledgement of Responsibility’ form must be completed and forwarded with your ARC application. Please see downloadable file below.

Please do not Reply or place questions in the comments section.

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