House Paint Working Teams

The two working groups have now been formed to look at introducing new house color schemes.

The Aesthetics working group led by Pat Becker will include: Marilyn DeFrancesca, Celeste Eaton, Mary Grace Gallagher, Cheryl Nabholz and Sue Plummer. They will be responsible for color selection, approvals and homeowner sign-off. Jean Bodnar will act as the color consultant to the working group.

The Operations working group led by Ellen Hedlund will include: Peter Bodnar, Nelson Burr, Susan Cohen and Ric Ellis. They will be responsible for preparing houses for painting, the bid process and painting through to the distribution of the leftover paint.

The working teams will be guided and supported by the Masters ARC Committee working with the Masters Board.

Many in the community volunteered to serve on the working groups, unfortunately due to the need to limit the working group numbers, we could not choose all who showed an interest. We truly regret not being able to select all of you.

The working teams will begin their work during the off-season and be ready to hit the road running when the next season starts.

Dikran Ohannessian

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