Hurricane Ian Loss Assessment

We were all notified by Pelican Sound at the end of August of the Hurricane Ian Loss Assessment of $1,446.04 which may be a covered loss in your homeowners insurance policy.

Additionally, please remember that last January The Masters Home Owners Association billed all Masters residents a separate assessment for Ian totaling an additional $408.20. Thus depending on the terms of your homeowners policy, you MAY be able to file a claim for the combined total of both assessments. As we notified you last January, some policies allow you to submit only one claim, so if that is the case for you, you now have both assessments to complete the filing of your claim. Please consult your policy or agent for the factors that pertain to your situation. To make the claim for the Masters Assessment you may need one or both of the following two documents in addition to the documents that the Club provided for the PS assessment.