Secretary’s Notes- March 15, 2023

Board of Directors Organizational Meeting – March 15, 2023

  • The Board of Directors accepted Kath Sherlock’s resignation as Treasurer and appointed Scott Gallagher as her replacement.
  • Election of officers was approved as follows:

President – Jerry Vasile

Vice President – George Monahan

Secretary – Lynelle Moscaritolo

Treasurer – Scott Gallagher

ARC Chair – Celeste Eaton

  • Kathy Sherlock was appointed Chair of the Welcoming Committee.  George Monahan will be the Board liaison to the Welcoming Committee
  • Scott Rechel was appointed Chair to the Communications Committee.  Lynelle Moscaritolo will be the Board liaison the Communications Committee.
  • The Board approved revisions to Sections 3.12 (Voting Representative to Club) and 3.13 (Polling of Members) of the Bylaws.  These revisions streamlined language with respect to the NVR and added language defining a polling majority of 51 members. These revisions will be submitted to the members for vote in the next 30 – 45 days. 
  • Three of the Board members will be attending a HOA certification course on March 17, 2023 to ensure compliance with Florida Statute 720 (Homeowner’s Association Act).

The next meeting will be held in April.  Date to be determined and communicated to the members of The Masters.


New Board members

At the Masters Annual Meeting March 15, we are pleased to announce the following:

As of the deadline to fill the expired terms for two positions on The Masters Association Board, two individuals, Lynelle Moscaritolo and George Monahan have submitted their “notice of intent to be a candidate” forms. After reviewing our documents and Section 720 of the Florida State Statutes, the following is the course of action that will be followed:

1  – As there were two candidates for two openings, no election is required and the two candidates will be elected to the Masters Association Board on March 15, 2023.

2 – Immediately after the Annual Meeting, the seated Board will hold their organizational meeting to elect new officers

Lynelle and George will be joining current Board members Celeste Eaton, and Jerry Vasile

Additionally, Kathy Sherlock, Masters Board Treasurer has advised us that she will step down from the Board effective the adjournment of the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Kathy joined the Board at the 2022 Annual Meeting and served our community extremely well. Her contributions as the Treasurer and member of the Board are very much appreciated.

The Board at its Organization meeting on March 15, will appoint a new Board member to serve the remaining year of Kathy’s term. 

While she will not serve on the Board, Kathy will continue to serve our community as a member of our Welcome Committee, the formation of which was approved at our last Board meeting. She will also take on the role of our Social Coordinator working with our event organizers.

I am very pleased to announce that joining Kathy on the Welcoming Committee will be Pat Becker and Mary Grace Gallagher. They will continue to build on the excellent work by Don Jancin in welcoming new residents to the Masters and organizing our social events.

Secretary’s Notes- January 24, 2023


The current language was wordy- The Board streamlined language consistent with the Masters objectives and consistent with Pelican Sound Documents.

In additions the Board added language defining a majority polling vote consisting of 51members voting on issues to be a community opinion for the NVR to vote. It was noted residents have an obligation to vote on important issues a lacking a 51 % response the Board would advise the NVR on preferred vote for the community.

The proposed changes will be submitted to residents for comment before final Board approval

MASTERS BOARD ELECTION – Request for candidates

It was noted that we will have two open positions on our Board as of the March 15, 2023 annual meeting. Dikran Ohannessian and Don Jancin are term limited and leaving the Board.

All residents are reminded and encouraged to considering volunteering for our community Board. A letter of intent must be filed with Collier Financial by 5:00 P.M. on February 3, 2023


The Secretary will issue and post on the Web site a required letter covering assessment to be used with resident’s insurance company. If your insurance company requires more detail – Collier Financial and / or Cambridge can assist.

It was noted that Pelican Sound Board and the Masters Board advised all homeowners to check their policies or with their agent on loss assessment coverage provided in their policy. Policies differ on coverage provided, deductibles, if any.


Homeowner asked what is my responsibility when having my pool refinished on disposal of current pool water. We asked PS Administration to check with LEE County to ensure our response was correct. The response received per PSGRC Administrative Office:

“Lee County Utilities called me back this morning and said you are free to drain the pool into your yard, but NOT into the street or sewer.  This may cause damage to your grass so I would check with your pool vendor regarding that issue. We should not be discharging directly into any lakes”


 A conference Call was held by the Masters ARC Chair with Eric Long, PS, General Manager, Skeeter Siefert , PS ARC Chair, Denise William, PS Administrative Assistant.

Discussion included review of Lee County Rules, Village of Estero Rules and PS Documents on street trees. It was concluded that Street trees must be replaced and Pelican Sound Management will enforce existing rules and regulations.

Pelican Sound – Declaration

  • Paragraph 5.2 states that “Trees within a neighborhood Association that are on an easement will be maintained by the Neighborhood Association including trimming, fertilization, and replacement … If said trees are damaged as a direct result of a storm, the Neighborhood Association shall be responsible for replanting or replacing.

To ensure compliance The Masters replaced down or damaged trees


The Masters Community now stands at 87 replaced or in process of being replaced with 13 original roofs remaining.


The Board established a new committee to welcome new neighbours in the Masters;

Committee to be comprised of chairperson and two others who would meet / greet new neighbours.

The President requested we need volunteers for this committee and anyone interested should contact him.


The Board approved the funding of community activities by the Association;

They included Holiday Decorations, Flags, New Member badges.  Social Functions were excluded to be run independent from Board responsibility and should be self funding. Donations were excluded by State Statute and must be done independently by residents.

CAMBRIDGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – Use of existing vendor technology

The Board and vendor in reviewing improved resident service / communication discussed that emails to Cambridge was a preferred resident communication. Cambridge software tracks written communication from point of receipt to completion. The Board and Cambridge will prepare updated instructions for our Web Site and to our Residents.

Donald J Jancin

Masters Secretary