Secretary’s Notes – April 2, 2024


Irrigation Reserves

There is a significant amount of money in the irrigation reserves that the Board discussed possibly moving to another reserve account where it can be used for other purposes. This account is primarily used to replace the irrigation timer boxes on each of the homes in the Masters.  The timing unit costs approximately $350 -$400 dollars and we replace between 6 and 7 timing units per year.  The Board agreed to do a reserve account analysis in the fall and any proposed changes will be submitted to the membership for a vote.

River Ridge Community Development District

Terry Mountford gave a presentation on the River Ridge Community Development District which covers Pelican Sound, the Meadows at Estero and the Paradise Shops.  He explained that the River Ridge Community Development District was established under Florida law, has its own Board of Directors and can borrow money at more favorable rates. The River Ridge CDD actually owns PSGRC infrastructure such as our lakes, golf course irrigation system, sidewalks, guard houses, roads, roadside landscaping, drainage systems, community monuments, etc.  Repairs/improvements to this infrastructure under $50K is paid for by Pelican Sound and over $50K is paid for by River Ridge.  In addition to borrowing money, River Ridge is also funded through our taxes.  Recent efforts include:

  • Community Master Landscape Renovation ($850K)
  • Golf Course Rain Bird Irrigation Control System ($850K)
  • Community Irrigation Pump Station ($260K)
  • Community Irrigation Filtration System ($66K)
    • Phase II Paver Project ($238K)

Unfortunately, our infrastructure is aging and the next big projects will be sidewalks, repaving and evaluation of traffic control needs.

Mailbox Committee Update

Celeste gave a detailed readout from the Mailbox Committee.  Our current mailboxes are 7 years old and policy has been to replace them every 7 years.  The committee recommends that we continue to maintain the current mailboxes and defer replacement.  They conducted a review of all the mailboxes and identified 10 in need of painting refresh, 2 needing new flags, 1 bracket needing to be fixed and another is damaged and may need to be replaced.

There has been concern raised about the visibility of the address numbers on the top of the mailboxes, especially at night. Several options to improve the visibility of the numbers are being reviewed and a decision will be made once all of the research has been finalized.

Proposed changes to the existing ARC Guidelines on mailboxes were also discussed and draft of that language will be sent to the membership for review and comment. Those changes include clarification that the mailboxes are the responsibility of the HOA, that periodic reviews will be made to identify deficiencies needing to be addressed and details homeowners need to provide when reporting a damaged mailbox to the property management company.  Lastly, the homeowner is responsible for the cleanliness of the mailbox.

ARC Violations

The Masters ARC Survey was conducted on Monday, April 1st and several new violations were identified in addition to some long standing violations that have not been cured by the homeowner.  Discussion centered around standardizing violation notification letters, sending via mail or certified mail, timing for the letters and timing for updates to the Frankly Coastal website. Due to time constraints, it was agreed to address this further at the next Board Meeting.

HOA Assessment Delinquencies

There are currently 6 homeowners with payment issues due to the recent transition to Truist and 2 long term delinquencies that have been contacted for payment.  There was discussion around having club privileges suspended or deactivating gate transponders for owners who continue to fail to pay their HOA fees.  Don to develop a draft policy for review at the next meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Reney (Moscaritolo)

Board Secretary

These notes are for information only and are not the official meeting minutes.