Secretary’s Notes: August 24, 2020 BOD Meeting

1 – The Board approved Florida Painters painting contract for the Masters community. Painting will commence on January 4, 2021 and continue until completed. An online schedule will be available and the Paint Committee will be issuing further  communication as we move forward.

2 – The Board approved language to be used in our Declaration pending community vote on Roof Cleaning 2021 moving forward. The language is subject to our attorney approval that must provide Collier Financial with legal document format for notice to the community.

3 – The Board approved a SPECIAL MEETING for October 13, 2020 at 9:00A.M., to report community voting on Roof Cleaning 2021 and a paint responsibility update approved in May.

4 – The 2021 Budget Planning workshop will be held on October 13, 2020 immediately following the Special Meeting:

5 – Workshop on Live Oak Trees

  • The Board favors maintaining and improving the tree ambiance in the Masters Community;
  • The Board recommends we consider professional help in evaluating and planning options for the community. Results to be shared with the community for feedback;
  • The Board recommended we write up and approve written specifications for deliverable by professional  Arborist
  • Appropriate interviews should be conducted in the selection process of the Arborist chosen to perform the required service for the Board;
  • The Board asked Kurt Blumenthal to join the Ad Hoc committee in developing specifications and interviewing potential professional services.

Donald J Jancin, Secretary