Secretary’s Notes – December 8th Board Meeting

2022 Annual Budget

The Board approved the proposed 2022 Budget which provides for no increase in Resident Assessment for the 2022 calendar year. The ability to keep major vendors at no price increase, coupled with elimination of leaf cleaning, and offset by increased rodent control, permitted no change in assessment. All residents received detailed copies of the proposed budget on November.

Parking and Safety

The Board approved a resolution requesting PSGRC and RRCDD to assess and alleviate serious traffic hazard by vehicles parked on both sides of Masters Circle from Pelican Sound to the corner across the park.

The Board had received many complaints about road blockage with parking on both sides of the road. In addition, many vendors park on east side to use club bathroom facilities which are restricted to members only. Several issues noted that autos on east side just around the corner from stop sign on Masters Circle by the park, block the driver’s vision on incoming vehicles. The Board action is in response from many resident’s concerns.

The Board resolution will be sent by the President to PSGRC / RRCDD with Mr. Swanger and Mr. Jancin attending the RRCDD meeting on December 14, 2021. Communication already sent and confirmation received from RRCDD that issue will be discussed at December 14, 2021 memo.

Mail Boxes

Considerable discussion by meeting attendees on possible solution to mail box situation in the Masters with reference to Gleneagles solution of replacing mail boxes. The Board noted that the comments were appreciated but we needed to take a fresh look at our current situation and also review the Gleneagles solution once installed.

A new mail box Ad Hoc committee of Ben Bachrach and Celeste Eaton was appointed by the President. The President and Board Secretary had formed prior committee. They remain available to support committee new evaluation and recommendations. It was suggested we might want additional volunteers from prior year’s mail box reviews. This is a major expenditure under review for current board. We have been unsuccessful in achieving anticipated useful life of prior purchases in 2012 and 2017.

Recycling and Garbage Cans at Curb Side

A resident asked when cans can be placed at curb. PSGRC regulations state sundown prior day, a blast note will be sent to all residents.

December Agenda

Several topics were deferred till next meeting due to Heather Keel, Cambridge Property Manager had a baby at 2PM today- earlier than expected. Both mom and new baby are doing fine!

DONALD J JANCIN, Board Secretary

                           THE ABOVE ARE NOT OFFICIAL MINUTES

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