Secretary’s Notes: February 18, 2021 Board Meeting

Roofing Report– A summary of the Masters Community roofing changes: new roofs, homes still in litigation and no change planned, will be posted on the website. It was noted that some homes in litigation were sharing results with their attorney’s.

Web Site Committee – The Committee Chair advised they are making improvements to streamline processes and access to information. One significant change is the Login to the website will be moved to the top of the page for ease of resident sign-in. The committee is planning a survey in near future to determine resident’s feedback on typical usage and further improvements recommended.

Canopy Program – There were five tree replacements requested and approved by the Board.

Rat Program – There has been increased rat activity over recent months within the Masters. It was noted that Pelican Sound has seen significant increase in rat activity with many associations not participating in bait programs.

The Masters Board has a study underway evaluating our current program: type of bait, location of boxes, frequency of service, quality of current boxes, review of vendors etc. in progress. In the interim, the Board has approved monthly service for the next three months versus current quarterly program of baiting boxes. A copy of the Bait Box schedule is available. Click Here.

Residents – IMPORTANT – Our Association documents state: Bird Feeders and Ground Feeding of Wildlife are not permitted. This activity will only increase the rat problem in our neighborhood.

Mailbox Report – The Board requested two members to provide an analysis of existing mailboxes and possible action steps. A copy of the report is available Click Here. After considerable discussion the Board requested an action plan on relocating sprinklers close to mailboxes which is the primary cause deterioration of exist mailboxes. Further steps may be taken once this step is completed.

Masters House Paint Colors – The Committee Chair advised we will place a copy of existing and planned house paint colors by house on our website for residents to view and answer any questions a resident might have about a particular resident’s house color.

The House painting project is moving ahead of plan by two weeks, and is now scheduled to end in mid-April.

Christmas Committee – It was noted that a group of volunteers accepted responsibility for seasonal decorations of Masters Community. Our strength as a community has been resident participation. While this is not a specific Board committee, the Board encourages all residents to support the activity on behalf of our community

Leaf Cleanup – After discussion the Board elected to defer leaf clean-up with Greenscapes targeted for January -April.

Street Sweeper – Resident Marc Goldstein, requested action against the speeding street sweeper. Speeding impacting quality of mechanical work performance, and community safety working on side of road into autos and walkers was discussed. The Masters Board will issue a note for action to RRCDD.