Secretary’s Notes: July 27, 2020 BOD Meeting

  1. Pat Becker reported that Live Oak trees would be trimmed in August.
  2. The Board approved the revised Color Paletteand the House Color Framework for the Masters. The original palette and framework were approved earlier this year and were revised during the member selection process.
  3. The Association will now file a PSG&RC ARC application for approval of the new Masters Color Palette.
  4. The Masters Paint Committee reviewed the seven bids received from painting companies. There was discussion as to whether seven-year or twelve-year warranty paint would be used, in either case, Sherwin Williams paint will be used.

Florida Painters had the lowest bid and satisfactorily responded to all the RFQ questions. The Paint Committee recommended Florida painters.

The cost of painting the houses with the 7-year paint was $240,500 with the twelve-year paint costing an additional $20,000.

It was mentioned that there are sufficient funds in our Paint and Roof Cleaning reserve to cover the cost of painting.

The Board authorized the Paint Committee to commence negotiations using the twelve-year warranty paint, called Duration paint.

Upon completion of negotiations, the Paint Committee will submit the contract for approval from the Board.

January 2021 will remain as the starting date for the painting.

  • Roof Cleaning 2021 and forward: The Board is considering relinquishing roof cleaning responsibilities to households starting 2021. A recent questionnaire submitted to the community suggested preference for the owner controlling roof cleaning in the future.

The benefits from such a change are:

  • Flexibility – timing, cost, and method of cleaning. Such changes suggest the homeowners may want to control the future cleaning of theirroofs; If the Masters Board handles it would be one time for all and one method of cleaning.
  • Equity – all contributed to the 2020 cost whereas a minority benefited from the service. This is expected to continue in the future and as such inequity will continue.
  • Simplicity – the current process is easy for homeowners and the buying group contemplated to replace the current system will also be fairly simple.

The Masters Board approved submitting a formal vote by the community with specific declaration language change during September 2020. Jim Swanger and Don Jancin were requested to preparedocumentation for Board approval before sending out to the community for their vote.

It was also noted we have a prior approved Declaration change on excluding hurricane Blinds from Board paint responsibility; This change will be submitted to residents at the same time during this special vote.

FYI – 98% of residents have selected electronic voting which should help expedite our process.

  • Workshop – Bruce Clark and Jim Leonard (the appointed Ad Hoc Tree Committee) gave an analysis and summary of their findings on “Street trees”; Street trees were defined as Live Oak Trees in ROW andUtility Easement areas in front of each resident. The discussion raised many issues as to responsibility etc. A complex topic when taking Lee County, Village of Estero, PSG&RC Declarations rules and theMasters Declaration and rules into consideration. The objective is to summarize the issues to basic explanations that all residents can understand responsibility and financial liability.

A question was raised on setting rules requiring Live Oaks being canopy trees in the Masters when each weather event we lose a tree with no replacement? Net result is bigger areas lacking trees on our street.

Do we want the Masters Board to accept liability for street trees when we constantly move away from the perceived goal of a street with canopy trees?

Next Steps – Bill Ellis asked Jim and Bruce to provide a short concise written recommendation; The Board will proceed with next steps – each Member to develop questions which when summarizedmay require legal discussion and opinion from our attorney.

Donald J Jancin, Board Secretary