Secretary’s Notes: Masters Annual Meeting & Reorganization Meeting – March 16, 2021

Board Members Election – there were two positions open and only two applicants, Donald Jancin and Dikran Ohannessian, each for their 2nd term in office expiring in 2023.

Bill Ellis current Board member through 2022 advised the Board that he will not be able to continue as a Board Member for personal reasons and was resigning effective March 16, 2021. The Board thanked him for his three years of service to the Association and community residents.

Celeste Eaton – The Board members appointed Celeste Eaton to replace Bill Ellis for the balance of his term which expires next year.

Officers Elected for the year 2022:

President             Dikran Ohannessian     term expires – 2023

Vice President    Jim Swanger                  term expires – 2022

Secretary             Don Jancin                      term expires –  2023

Treasurer            Susan Cohen                   term expires – 2022

ARC Chair            Celeste Eaton                term expires – 2022

Permanent Committee Appointment:

June Roberts – Masters Website Chair

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