Secretary’s Notes: November 6, 2020, Board Meeting

Paint Committee

The Paint Committee chair, Susan Cohen, reported more than 90% of residents have returned signed forms. The balance of the signed forms is expected shortly.

The house painting will commence January 4, 2021, at #21700 and proceed around the outer side of the circle. After completion of the outer circle, the inner circle at #21743 will commence and proceed until all houses are painted.

NOTE:  While subject to weather, the house painting is expected to run from January through mid-April.

ARC & Landscaping Documents Updated

The Board reported on comments from residents on updated documents and language inserted for clarification. The Board approved the Associations updated ARC and Landscaping documents dated November 6, 2020.

Ad Hoc Tree Committee

Considerable discussion on improving and maintaining our community appearance with the tree canopy. The Board asked the committee to take specific research action and report results at our December meeting.

2021 Budget Plan

No changes to workshop plan of October 22, 2020, which has 2021 assessment remaining the same as 2020. The annual budget meeting will take place on December 9, 2020. Resident communications on our budget will be submitted by Collier Financial 14-days prior to scheduled meeting.

NVR Meeting

The 2021 PSG&RC Budget was approved, and the key takeaways are:

  • PS will spend $14.5 million in 2021.
  • Of this:
    • $1.2 million will be funded from existing reserves
    • $4.3 million from revenue from Food & Beverage, Golf Operations, Racquet Center Fitness, Marina and Miscellaneous items
    • $9.0 from Operations Assessments
  • The Operation Assessment stated per door is $6,890
  • The Reserve Assessment is $960, making the total Assessment $7,825.

The $7,825 represents a 4.3% increase over the 2020 Budget.

Don J. Jancin – Board Secretary

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