Secretary’s Notes: October 13, 2020, Special Meeting & Board Meeting / Workshop


Fifty-five households submitted ballots on the two Declarations to be voted on by residents, and both Declaration changes were approved.

Article VII, Section 1 was approved 49 – 5  to exclude the painting of hurricane Blinds by the Masters Association.

Article VII, Section 2 was approved 43 – 11 to change responsibility for roof cleaning from the Association responsibility to the Residents responsibility. One ballot had no votes indicated.


Paint Committee: We are moving forward on schedule with our painting to commence January 4, 2021. Residents have been mailed letters to confirm their color selections. These confirmations will be the basis for Florida Painters scheduling.

It was stressed that Residents must return their confirmation documents to the committee.

Rules and Regulations: Our Documents have been updated and are being reviewed by our attorney. The Board expects to review comments / approve documents for filing by month end.

Budget Workshop: The current proposed budget will include Duration paint (12-year warranty.) Elimination of roof cleaning and provision for leaf cleaning. The preliminary plan suggests no change in Member Assessment for 2021. Details are still under review.

Tree Committee: the Board was provided with a report advising of possible courses of action. Any approved plans moving forward would have to be factored into the 2021 Budget.

Donald J. Jancin – Board Secretary

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