Secretary’s Notes – October 28, 2021 Board Meeting

1 – ARC Applications – Required for external changes in single family houses. Including Air Conditioning replacements.  Masters ARC will issue reminder to residents.

2 – Landscape Design – PS ARC documents state “Only wood chips or pine straw may be used as mulch unless the area subject to soil or landscape material erosion.”  In those cases the PS ARC has permitted the use of 1-3 inches of polished stones that blend with the building may be used.  A recent application was approved by PS ARC for mulch erosion and causing flooding impacting water and dirt on lanai pavers. The lowering of mulch and installing stones was authorized to improve drainage.

3 – Hardwood Trees – Residents are responsible for trimming hardwood trees on their property other than canopy trees in their front yards. Periodic trimming is essential to maintain health, appearance and growth of trees (similar to trimming of canopy trees).

PS ARC regulations (Section N) cover trimming of trees by vendors. Cambridge Property Management can provide a list of vendors, if needed.

4 – Greenscapes – Recommended mulch fronts only this time as 2020 mulch finished late in 2021 due to painting. The Board approved this one time change which reduced costs by approximately $12,000.

5 – Rodent Control – The Board approved replacing existing old rodent control boxes with new boxes at approximately a cost of $8200. This means every resident will have three new boxes as of end of 2021. In 2022, bait boxes will continue on a bi-monthly basis.

6 – Mailbox Program – Strong response from residents on relocating sprinklers to mitigate further damage to mailboxes. Cited by PS ARC on several mailbox appearances. Board discussed several options on next steps. The board will proceed to obtain costs/options.

It was pointed out during discussion that owners may not place lights, flags etc., in circle by mailboxes. Masters ARC will be contacting those residents with violations.

7 – Canopy Program –  Reported program completed as of September 2021.

8 – Vendor Review – Board conducted review with all vendors and several services have been enhanced. No further action required at this time, the project is considered complete.

9 – ARC Violations – Issues resolved or in process of being addressed.

10 – 2021 Financial Outlook – Board anticipates with actions taken we will have a positive surplus come December 31, 2021, assuming no unbudgeted items. The formal budget planning meeting is on November 5, 2021.

DONALD J JANCIN, Board Secretary

                           THE ABOVE ARE NOT OFFICIAL MINUTES


The Masters Welcome Back is scheduled for Sunday, November 7, 2021. The response has been favorable with move than 100 attendees. There still is time to sign-up and join the community in this annual event.

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