Vendor Parking & Resident Safety

Florida Painters have commenced painting our houses and this project will run from now through April 2021.

As our street is narrow and curved, the multiple vendors parked on-site (Florida Painters, Greenscapes, Roofing Contractors) presents difficulties for all residents when walking, cycling or driving. In addition, we have large trucks: UPS, Prime, FedEx, and USPS attempting to make regular deliveries.

To address this, we have asked our vendors Florida Painters and Greenscapes to:

  • always park all their vehicles on the same side of the traffic flow,
  • not park across from other vehicles already parked, and
  • leave sufficient space for cars and trucks to be able to maneuver through vehicles parked on both sides of the street.

This staggered vendor parking will certainly help, but we need everyone to be aware of their surroundings:

  • While driving or cycling, please proceed slowly at all times, exercising particular care moving past all parked vehicles. An oblivious vendor may step out from a vehicle or grounds at any time into your path.
  • While walking facing traffic, particularly with a pet, be aware of your surroundings and personal safety.
  • Ensure contractors/service providers performing work at your house, are aware of the parking needs of our community.
  • Advise your guests not to park near the painter & roofer vehicles, and to use your driveway as much as possible.

The stretch of road from Pelican Sound Drive to the start of the Circle can be problematic when too many vehicles are parked, particularly if an emergency vehicle needs to get through. We ask that vendors, residents and guests not to park vehicles on the golf course side of the road.

Navigating our street right now is a challenge, but if together we make the effort, our community traffic flow and safety will be maintained.

For any questions or concerns during this project period, please contact Susan Cohen (217-840-7871) or Don Jancin (239-498-1447).