Website Log-in Instructions

Your email address is your User Name.
When you login for the first time, the system will help you set up your password.

The item on the menu |Directory & Walklist |Resident Directory |is an example of a password protected page. If you try the link before logging-in the page advises you do not have permission to view the content. This protects the personal contact information of our community.

Can’t remember your Password?

Try logging in without it and the system will show you a page with a link: Forgot your password? Sometimes it says Lost your password? Either way Click on that, and you will be advised how to reset your password.

If you have trouble setting up or using your password, please contact Ben Bachrach:

New Items are shown on the side bar under RECENT POSTS.
Use the menu across the top to find other content.

For small screen devices like iPhones, the top menu is viewable by clicking the 3-bar icon in the banner. 

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