House Painting Process

Please CLICK HERE to view the painting schedule from Florida Painters.

  1. You will be notified by email the Friday before the week in which your house is to be painted.  The form you signed confirming your color choices for your house will be attached to your house the week your house will be painted.  If you requested something “special” the photos/pictures you supplied will also be attached to your house.
  2. On the Monday of the week your house is to be painted, it will be power washed.  ALL WINDOWS MUST BE CLOSED.  Priming of the houses will start on Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning.  Approximately three houses will be worked on at one time.  The garage door will be the next to last component to be painted and the front door will be the last component to be painted.  Thus, you must make sure that someone is available from Wednesday afternoon onward to open the garage and front doors for the painters.  You will be able to close these doors approximately three hours after they are painted.
  3. ALL HURRICANE ROLL DOWN SHUTTERS MUST BE IN THE UP POSITION.  ALL OTHER HURRICANE PROTECTION MUST BE REMOVED FROM WINDOWS.  If a hurricane roll down shutter is either closed or halfway up, the painters will not move it and will paint only what they have access to.  The painters will not remove any other hurricane protection.
  4. If you have anything next to your house [storage boxes, extra roof tiles, etc.], you must make sure that these are moved at least a foot from the wall so that the painters can get access.  All wall decorations anywhere on your house must be removed.  Florida Painters will NOT move these items.
  5. All lanai furniture must be moved away from the walls.  THE PAINTERS WILL COVER YOUR CEILING FANS.
  6. The painters will protect the carriage lights during power washing and painting, and caulk around the edges before painting.
  7. The painters will use your water to power wash your house.  However, if a home is unoccupied, they cannot turn the water on by company policy.  Thus, they will use the water from the houses on either side of the unoccupied house.  Please understand that there is no other way to do this.
  8. Please do not ask the painters directly to do anything “extra”.  If you want one or more of the a la carte items being offered, please contact Florida Painters directly ASAP [if you have not already done so].
  9. The paint will be “dry” within a day.  However, it takes about 45 days for the paint to completely “cure”.  During that time, you should not use any chemicals on the paint.  For example, if you will have your roof cleaned after your house is painted, wait at least 45 days.

There will be a foreman onsite at all times, and the project manager will be available every day. 

Non-emergency questions should be sent to me via email at:  For time sensitive issues, you can reach me at 217 840 7871.  I would appreciate no calls between 8 PM and 8 AM.

We are all looking forward to the new look for The Masters in the New Year!


Susan Cohen for the Paint Committee

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