Secretary’s Notes: December 9, 2020, Board Meeting

2021 Budget

The Board approved the 2021 budget with no increase over the 2020 budget. The key considerations in the budget were the setting of the painting reserve cycle at 12 years with a possible seven-year refresh, and the inclusion of a provision for spring leaf clean-up, as a trial.

Tree Ad Hoc Committee Review

The Board thanked the Ad Hoc Committee (Jim Leonard, Bruce Clark, and Kurt Blumenthal) for their report recommending the restoration of the canopy effect with new tree plantings on our street. The Board also thanked them for a job well done and for the many hours the members worked on this project. The Board will now assume responsibility for the project with resident concurrence for any proposed actions.

Mailbox Review

The Board will undertake a review of the community mailboxes for any needed repairs. Dikran Ohannessian and Don Jancin were assigned this task and were asked to report back at the next Board meeting.

Paint Project

Susan Cohen reported that the Paint Company has now been provided with the detailed color selections for each house. The Paint Company will not deviate from the approved color selections without direct approval from the Paint Committee.

Don J. Jancin
Masters Board Secretary