Masters Call for Volunteers

The events and activities for our neighborhood are run by a network of many of the same volunteers. Year after year, they step-up to serve our community and certainly deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

So, as we call for volunteers, we’re also calling for new volunteers to become involved in our community. The work involved isn’t onerous and is very rewarding.

We currently have the following roles open:

Social Committee Chair:

  • Masters’ social functions includes several events, each led by an event organizer. The Chair assists and oversees the advance planning with the event organizers.
  • Book dates with PS venue and food & beverage manager (and caterer if off-site vendor), golf club manager or racquet club manager.
  • Advise Communication Committee Chair of event, create content for blast email and website posting, advise of dates for posting and follow-ups.
  • Recruit new event organizers, when required.

Finance Coordinator:

  • Volunteers at times will need small amount of funds to cover upfront costs or replenish stock. The Finance Coordinator will assist event & activity organizers raise funds through community donations and handle the funds.
  • Social Events, Christmas Decorations, Flags, Community Donations cannot be handled by the Association per legal documents.

Communication Committee Chair: (formerly website committee)

  • Review and update website content and format to keep current.
  • Review and edit blast emails and website content received from events and activities organizers, Board members, plus any ad hoc communications.
  • Training and support are provided.

Please give some thought to volunteering. If interested please contact the neighborhood association president:

P.S. – As we are heading into the new year, there will be two Board positions coming available in March. Please give some thought to volunteering for the Board as well.

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