Masters Homeowner Experience

Moen Flow Valve

Chuck Bendetta writes:

I want to give the Masters residents heads up on the Moen flow valve. This was brought to our attention by the Pinehurst Association. The understanding was a few residents were having issues with  broken water pipes.

I contracted Mike’s plumbing to install the Moen flow valve. I was not just concerned about a broken pipe I was also concerned about having a hot water tank go bad in the garage and leak, washer hoses breaking on washing machines.

I installed the valve by Mike’s plumbing on June 6 with the help of Jumpp To It Home Watch. There are a couple of additional items that need to be done. There must be power at the site and you need a strong Internet signal. Make sure the internet booster you may have to purchase is compatible with your specific modem installed by Xfinity.

The cost to Mike’s Plumbing was $850.82. The other costs may vary depending on who you contract. I hope this has been of some help. Service is visible on my phone.

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