Secretary’s Notes June 15, 2021 Board Meeting +Additional Information

Rat Trap Program

New bait boxes were installed on May 27th. The firm is using the best boxes removed and eliminating current worse boxes in the Masters; The board will consider further upgrading of boxes at our Budget meeting in October. Confirmed – Bait Boxes are on a bi-monthly service plan.

Mail Box Program

Greenscapes has completed analysis of sprinklers impacting mailbox appearance and function. Cambridge is communicating with owners where appropriate to move/ change sprinkler heads.  Target is August 1, 2021 sign up by residents, with work completed by September 30, 2021. To date: the response from residents to Jami McGovern authorizing change has been positive.

Rules and Regulations Updated

The Board approved updated Arc Standards Document and Landscaping Responsibilities Documents effective July 1, 2021. Prior to approval, copies of documents with proposed changes were sent to all residents. One minor change was included in final document based on a resident comment.

ARC Violation

The Board voted to uphold our community documents and prior board action by requesting resident’s removal of the violation.

Donald J Jancin, Board Secretary

The above are not official minutes

Additional Information Outside of Board:

Resident Changes

House No./Previous ownersSold to
21912 – John Riley  Michael & Patricia Sias
21891 – Al & Barbara WarfLeigh & Betsy Wells
21896 – Bernie & Sharon HenelyJohn Scott & Sara Jackson

Estero Building Permit Information

A frequently asked question when doing projects in single family residence is do I need a building permit from the Village of Estero. The responsibility and decision is the home owners. It is not acceptable to say my contractor told me I didn’t need a permit.

The Village has provided a handy list regarding permits for work being performed. When in doubt you can phone the Community Development department in Estero Village for guidance at: 239-221-5036

This listing has been placed on the Masters Web Site under Homeowner’s Maintenance Responsibilities | Good to Know section for future reference.

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