Secretary’s Notes – October 17, 2022 Masters Board Workshop

The 2023 Budget

  • A preliminary budget was presented with nominal increase over the 2022 budget primarily due to inflationary pressures on our vendors.
  • The budget will be updated to reflect the comments raised at the Board meeting.
  • There will be further discussions on budget at the November Board meeting.
  • Final Board Budget approval is scheduled for December 9, 2022.

Hurricane Ian

  • Clean up costs were significant, much higher than Irma.
  • A declaration of a Loss Assessment will be considered after cost details are available. Residents may be able to claim the Loss Assessment against their insurance policy, if appropriate.
  • Under consideration is the payment of Loss Assessments quarterly, along with the 2023 regular quarterly assessments, rather than payment in one shot to provide relief to members.

Update on Matters

  • The shrub trimming scheduled for October 2022, has been canceled.
  • New mulch placement is scheduled for mid November.
  • Palm Trees are scheduled for December trimming.
  • Oak Trees will be trimmed selectively – removal of bent or broken branches.

General observation

Many houses with gutters facing south are full of leaves. Residents should check when reviewing their property.

Please Note: These are not official minutes of the meeting.

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