Secretary’s Notes – October 28, 2021

This page last updated on December 9th, 2021 at 11:29 am

  1. 2021 Outlook –Anticipate operating $2200+  favorable for the year

Major action items:

  • Eliminated proposed leaf clean up – $3900
  • Reduced mulch application for 2021 – Reduce cost $10, 000+
  • Replaced all rodent boxes in the Masters – $10,500
  • Increased Rodent service to mitigate problems – $2300
  • Sponsored increased canopy trees for neighborhood – $2000

2. 2022 Budget – Anticipate same assessment as 2021

   Key issues

  •    Board had negotiated Greenscapes 2022 rate (No Change) in 2021
  •    Rodent control – no rate increase over 2021

Issues of concern:

  • Cost of mulch increasing  – funds provided
  • Mailbox repairs – plan of action to be determined-added funds
  • Insurance costs up 10%


Administrative costs down due to the Masters Residents 100% sign up for electronic communications


  • Tree Trimming – Greenscapes has discontinued their tree trimming, but has a firm handling their service . The Board has Cambridge looking at competitive bids. To date all bids received are in same dollar range. For the interim we will continue with Greenscapes’ vendor and evaluate service.
  • Mailboxes – Appearance of units continue to be a problem. PS ARC has asked we address issue. Our current problems with powder coated mailboxes are the same encountered by the Masters Board in 2017. Gleneagles has a similar problem – did repairs a year ago that have not lasted. Cambridge was asked to obtain quotes on mailbox repairs. Projected more than 50 boxes. This continues to be a major issue on Board future agenda.

Don Jancin, Board Secretary

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