ARC Guidelines & Applications

We recently encountered several situations with residents authorizing work without submitting an ARC application to Pelican Sound for approval, prior to work commencing.

One incident involved unapproved material being installed, that happened to be noticed, and stopped. The cost to the homeowner to have this material removed and replaced with approved materials would have been very high.

Given this incident, we remind you that exterior changes to houses in The Masters require an ARC application be submitted to Pelican Sound for approval prior to change commencing. Click Here for a copy of the application form.

We’d also like to bring to your attention the following four points:

1. Permits

  • Residents are responsible for obtaining a Village of Estero permit where required, before commencing work on exterior of residences.
  • If your contractor states they will do this on your behalf, the responsibility still lies with you to ensure the permit has been obtained.
  • Select internal work such as modifying electric service or plumbing also requires a Village permit.

2. Mailbox Base Lights

  • Lighting has been noted around the base of mailboxes. The Masters ARC Standards and Procedures states that, “Landscape lighting of any nature is not allowed around the base of mailboxes.”

3. Landscape Design

  • PS ARC documents state “Only wood chips or pine straw may be used as mulch unless the area is subject to soil or landscape material erosion.” In those cases, the PS ARC has permitted the use of 1-3 inch size landscaping rock that blends with the building.  
  • A recent application was approved by PS ARC for mulch erosion and flooding which caused water and dirt to flow onto the lanai pavers. The lowering of mulch and installing stones was authorized to improve drainage.

4. Hardwood Trees

  • Residents are responsible for trimming hardwood trees on their property excluding the canopy trees in front yards.
  • Periodic trimming is essential to maintain health, appearance, and growth of trees.

A copy of the Pelican Sound ARC Guidelines and Procedures is available on the Pelican website. Please Click Here to review.

The Masters ARC Standards and Landscaping Regulations are available on the Masters website. You can Click Here to review.

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