Secretary’s Notes – May 31, 2023


Presentation by Frankly Coastal Property Management/Collier Financial

Frank Parrish of Frankly Coastal Property Management and Collier Financial provided detailed information on his background and prior systems experience.  Frankly Coastal was established in the Tampa Bay area in 2015 working with 20 communities on their property management requirements.  Frankly Coastal has developed robust systems that simplify and standardize language specific to each of their clients and provide real time access to bank balances by using daily uploads from the applicable financial institutions.  Frankly Coastal acquired Collier Financial to expand their footprint into the Southwest Florida area and has begun providing property management services to many of that client base.  During the presentation, Frank shared a demonstration of the website, provided detailed explanation of how their employees use the website to provide service to their customers, explained how tickets are developed to track issues from inception to completion and showed the level of access to the website that is provided to the client base. 

Frankly Coastal Service Agreement

At the conclusion of the presentation, the Board voted to authorize the Masters Association President to sign a Service Agreement with Frankly Coastal on behalf of the Masters at Pelican Sound Neighborhood Association, Inc.  Frankly Coastal will provide both Property Management and Financial Services to the Masters Community.  Frankly Coastal has been and will continue to work with Cambridge Management to ensure a smooth transition. 

Communications to all homeowners with contact information for Frankly Coastal will be distributed shortly.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynelle Moscaritolo
Board Secretary